Facebook new ‘REACTION’ feature

Facebook much liked and long lasting ‘LIKE’ button has been replaced with five new emojis. This was a much needed change, as like was not good enough to convey all the emotions for a large variety of post specially the ones that were clearly bad news.FB being the most popular social media platform, it was very important to add more emotions to the post/video/photo.


The five new emojis ¬†called ‘REACTION’ are Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry.Facebook worked on it for almost more than a year . The company analysed how people use emojis to express their feeling.Also they tested some possible reaction emoji globally.

This new feature has been liked by most of the users and is proving popular.

How new REACTION feature works

These reaction are available on both, website and app. To use them , user has to just click on the like button. All the reactions will appear. You can choose  and click on the one you want. This feature has been added to post, videos and photos but not on comments.

Top three reactions are visible

FB displays the top three reactions used by people on post/photo/video.To see how many people posted reactions and who they are, one just have to click on them. This new feature is quite helpful for users to express their emotions.

To summarise, this was a long awaited and much needed change and has made users more expressive to posts / videos/ photos.






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