I have been reading about podcast for quite a while now and find it very interesting and new. I am sure you don’t want to know the technical definition and details to it.What is podcast, how it works, what are it’s uses, is it beneficial, there are a lot of questions that might come to your mind. You will find all the answers below.


PODCAST is a digital recording or a radio program of  music, arts, business,comedy, education, health etc that is stored in digital form and can be downloaded from the Internet to your computer, IPad, IPod  or MP3 player. The term originated from ‘P.O.D’ meaning ‘Portable On Demand’ and ‘Cast’ relating to the term broadcast.

You can create your own podcast ranging from music, education, arts, business, health etc. Unlike radio, one doesn’t have to wait to listen to their kind of stuff. You just choose what you want to listen. Also, you can create your own podcast. So if one wants to be heard by masses, you can create a podcast and publish it to the world.

The cost of podcasting is very low and anyone can do it. Most podcasters are people like you and me, talking to you sitting in their bed, driving their car, or having a coffee. You get to know their views and interest about the subject.

Podcast is very real. It is not like any other radio show you listen to.Podcasters create whatever kind of show they can imagine, for example talk shows, a music note, just sing a rap, give movie reviews or tell us about your country’s history.

Podcast is a platform for people who are very passionate about their subject. It has given birth to a huge variety of shows on internet.

You don’t have to download new shows. Podcast does that for you automatically on regular basis. All you have to do is to subscribe to a podcast feed and you will get the latest shows when they are released. You can listen to what you want, when you want, where you want, and how you want. You can play a podcast again and again, rewind it, pause it, stop it, store it or delete it. You can listen to podcast on your computer, iPad, iPod, MP3 player or even burn to a dics. Most podcast are commercial free, unlike radio.

Also you will get updates to a podcast you have subscribed to. You can unsubscribe if a podcast doesn’t interest you.

This is a great platform to become famous and recognised in your field. Create your own podcast and stay in contact with you clients online. Become a recognised expert on Internet. This will help your business grow.

Be a part of this new revolution online, create a wave and become a celebrity.

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