Our Business Philosophy

At WT, to complete a successful web development project, we pay proper attention to seven stages. Right from website planning to testing, everything is kept in place in order to own a hitch free business website.

  •  Project Analysis : This is the basic stage of web development project where we discuss the objectives and purpose of it. The intricacies involved in website planning are also discussed .
  • Documentation : Once ample information is gathered in the project analysis stage, we move to the next stage i.e to document its feasibility and cost levels. On working it out, it is passed over for approval to the authorities and changes are made, if any.
  • Website Designing : The site designing starts when the documentation is approved. The basic look and feel of the page is decided, home page is successfully designed.
  • Developing the Site : Based on the inputs and guidance,we design the site further launching all the other web pages. The back end coding and other developing tasks occur at this point of this time.
  • Website Testing : This is an important stage of the entire web development project. Our test engineers are assigned with the task of assessing and critically evaluating the website. Any flaw detected in the process or navigation is immediately intimated to the developers for making changes. Website testing is a recurring process which happens until the website becomes error free!
  •  Launching the website : Once the errors are rectified, the website is ready for launching. Based on the approval of the authorities, the website will be made live.
  • Regular Maintenance : A constant watch over the website is required to watch out for errors, traffic improvement, user feedback and its overall impact. So, we provide regular website maintenance for an updated and flawless business website.